Live In Fukoka LIVE IN FUKUOKA     windows media 150kbps (1,276 KB)

Clip above is from a DVD shot during Santos' tour in Japan Oct 2005.

Walk With Me WALK WITH ME     windows media 150kbps (1,088 KB)
Estatua ESTATUA     windows media 150 kbps (879 KB)

Clips above are taken from a brand new DVD available now on request. Just email for more information.

Inspiration INSPIRATION real media 2,207 kb windows media 1,459 KB
Angelica ANGELICA real media 3,849 kb windows media 3,556 KB
Moliendo Cafe MOLIENDO CAFE real media 2,574 kb windows media 1,322 KB
Inspiration II INSPIRATION II real media 3,191 kb windows media 1,635 KB

Clips are taken from a live DVD recorded at the MGM Grand, Comdex IT Expo 2001, Las Vegas, USA.

The above video excerpts are available in Real Media or Windows Media format. You will need the Real One Player or Windows Media Player to view them.


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